Three Questions To Ask Before You Book A Hotel Conference Room

For businesses, it often makes sense to rent a conference room at a hotel to play host to a meeting that includes out-of-town guests or a training session for staff away from the familiar setting of the office. Before you book the space, it's ideal to visit a few hotels to not only look at the conference rooms, but to also ask a few questions to the rental agents. Although your main questions might relate to the price and the available dates of the space, there are other important questions to ask to help you find the right conference room for your group's needs. Here are three important questions.

What Degree Of Savings Can You Offer On Your Guest Rooms?

It's common for at least some of the conference attendees to need accommodation for the night and hotels will typically provide room discounts for people who attended a conference at the hotel. Ask for the regular price of a guest room and the discounted price and determine if it will suit your business's budget. A follow-up question when discussing rooms is to ensure there is enough vacancy on the night of your event; you don't want some of your conference attendees having to stay elsewhere.

Do You Cater The Room Or Can We Partner With A Local Caterer?

It's common for hotels to provide catering for those who rent their conference rooms, especially if the hotel also features a restaurant. Some establishments that offer catering ask that you book their catering, which can be convenient for everyone involved but might not suit your plans if you already expect to use a different caterer in the community. If the latter is the case, ask if you can use the other caterer and ensure that doing so isn't a problem. If you're not able to, talk about the catering menu you planned to employ and see if the hotel's catering team can offer something similar.

How Is The Room Set Up For Multimedia?

Many conferences or training sessions require the use of a projector and screen and other technological features, such as a dedicated Wi-Fi connection that's separate from the hotel's regular Wi-Fi. Check to see if the hotel's conference room can accommodate your digital needs by providing a screen and projector. If these features aren't present, ask if the hotel plans to rent them on the day in question or if you have to supply them yourself.

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