5 Things Parents Of Small Children Should Look For When Choosing A Hotel Or Resort

If you have young children, vacation time can be cumbersome. It's difficult to get rest when your children share a tiny hotel room with you. However, by selecting the right hotel or resort, you can ensure that your whole family enjoys their vacation. If you are a parent with small kids, here are a few things to look for when selecting a hotel or resort for your vacation:

Hotel-sponsored Activities for Kids

Children often have more limited attention spans than adults do. Having preset activities that are available during their stay can make their vacation even more fun. Some resorts and hotels have kids' clubs that are designed to provide enjoyable activities, such as crafts, games and hikes, for specific ages of youngsters. 

The hotel or resort will often provide a list of available activities and any associated fees at check-in. Since each activity is chaperoned by a member of the hotel staff, you don't have to be concerned that your child is unsupervised.

Onsite Water Park

Many resorts have onsite water parks for their guests. These water parks usually have a number of attractions, such as water slides, lazy rivers and multiple pools. The parks usually require a band or stamp for entry since the park attendants may need to verify that park guests are actually guests of the resort. Your child may have to be accompanied by an adult to enter the park, but you can lounge poolside as your little one enjoys the water. 

In addition, if there is an indoor pool, your little ones will have a great way to burn off extra energy, even if it is rainy or cold outside. 

Large Room Size

Small spaces can feel too confining for young children, and it's easy for rambunctious little ones to get into mischief. Still, broken hotel valuables can end up costing you money that you have not budgeted. 

If you have small children, look for a hotel or resort that offers suites. A standard room may not accommodate the spatial needs of a child. 

Internet Access

Be sure that the hotel or resort includes Internet access. A tablet or cell phone can keep a bored child entertained for at least long enough for you to take a quick nap. 

If you are planning a family vacation, look for a hotel or resort that is able to accommodate the needs of the entire family, including your children. Some hotels even offer babysitting services so that you can enjoy adult activities without your children in tow. Contact a hotel or resort in the area where you will be vacationing, such as The Breakers Hotel, to learn about available provisions for children.

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