Coolest Mom on the Block: How to Safely and Semi-Invisibly Accompany Your Kid to an Out Of Town Concert

Raising a teenager means walking the thin line of protecting your child from harm and allowing your kid to start spreading their wings. If you want to be a cool parent and allow your child to go to an out of the city concert, there are ways to allow your child to operate independently and still keep a close eye on them. Here is how to operate a stealth concert plan that will score you some cool points while actually keeping your child under a watchful eye.

Rent Out a Family Suite

If your child wants to bring friends along to the out of city concert, rent out a hotel room that has a family suite. The suite will have one entrance and a common room, but separate bedroom areas. This will allow your child and their friend to have a room of their own, while still being under your supervision. Bring back food or order take out and leave it in the common room of the suite and set the ground rules that no one is allowed out of the suite without permission. Consider looking into local hotels with family suites, such as Cascade Inn.

Bring Their Own "Security"

Just as their favorite band and singers are likely to have security around to protect them, you can offer your child a security detail of their own. This security will come in the form of a trusted adult who also enjoys the same type of music and has the build and attitude to pass for security detail. This can be a muscular aunt or uncle who you trust or it can be a friend of yours who looks like a security guard. Going to a concert with their own security is much cooler than going with a parent.

Check In at Parties With a Pass Code

If you plan to allow your child to attend a before or after party, checking in is necessary. Instead of allowing them to check in through text message or a regular phone conversation, you should have them say a pass code to you each hour by voice. Make sure that the pass code is something different each hour, so that you know you are speaking with your child. Parties, especially for concerts and out-of-towners, tend to bring out more pickpockets and smart phones are one of the most expensive items that people carry every day. The pass code will allow your child to not have an embarrassing conversation with their mom at a party and will also let you know that your kid is safe until you pick them up.

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