4 Benefits Of Booking A Motel Versus A Hotel Room

When traveling, there are many options for where you can stay. Two of the most common options include staying in a hotel or motel. Many people prefer to stay in a hotel because motels tend to have a bad reputation. However, this reputation is not reflective of the majority of motels. In fact, staying in a motel is likely to benefit you more than staying in a hotel. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Motel Rates are Cheaper: Most of the time, motel rates are going to be cheaper than hotel rates. This allows you to get a larger motel room with more than one bed if you want one or receive any other kind of upgrade that is offered. You can also save more for the rest of your vacation. The reason motel rates tend to be cheaper is because they don't have as many accommodations as hotels, however, if you plan on spending most of your time site-seeing, then the accommodations won't be necessary anyway. 
  2. Quieter: Motels also tend to be quieter to stay at because they aren't as large as hotels. This means fewer guests, which also means that you are also more likely to receive personalized treatment from the staff. This is definitely ideal for families, especially if you have young children who need the quiet to sleep through the night and you need the personalized treatment to make your stay that much less stressful. 
  3. Less Walking: Motels are also ideal for those who are handicapped or those with lots of luggage and kids. Your motel room is going to be much closer to where you park your vehicle than it would be in a hotel. Since hotels are larger, you generally have to take the elevator to get to the floor you are staying on and walk down a long hallway to get your room. 
  4. Most Allow Pets: You will find that most motels allow pets, which allows you to travel with your pets when you need to. If you are moving or just like to travel with your pets in general, this is really convenient. On top of this, since motels allow pets, they tend to spend more time cleaning the rooms. 

When you know these benefits of staying in a motel, you can see why booking a room here instead of a hotel can be better for you financially and for your family's comfort, as well. 

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