Money Shot--5 Tips To Capture Better Wildlife Photography

Photographing wild animals is an exciting and rewarding hobby, but it can be difficult. Wildlife rarely sits still and poses for pictures. So, how can you help ensure that you capture all the animal photos you want on your next photography vacation at a resort like Big Ku Alaska? Here are 5 tips for any skill level.

Learn Your Gear

The last place you want to be when you have to figure out how to use your camera equipment is in the bush, creeping up on a herd of bison. Avoid this problem by investing time in between photo trips learning how to intuitively use all the settings and features on your camera, tripod, flash, and computer. 

Research the Animals

Before heading off on a wildlife photography vacation, do some research on the habits and quirks of the wild animals you expect to see on your trip. Many national parks, for example, post lists of animals sighted inside their borders, so you can use this as a jumping off point. Target a few types of wildlife--such as birds, big cats, insects, or predators--that you want to seek out. Then, study up on when they come out to look for food, when they sleep, how large their roaming territory is, and where in the region they tend to be sighted.

Use the Light

As any good photographer will tell you, the right light can make all the difference with a subject. The hours of so-called "golden light"--early morning and evening--are usually the best for capturing something at its best from any angle. You may want to avoid the midday sun, which often coincides with the least productive time to find animals meandering about.

Find Fun Angles

Don't be obsessed with any particular shooting length or angle. If you focus only on extremely big lenses and very close shots, you may miss fantastic action going on with the herd or flock in general. Wide angle gives context to many close-up photos and provides a chance to reorient yourself during a photo trek. In the same vein, don't worry too much about photography "rules" such as the rule of thirds. Breaking the rules and going against the grain may produce shots you never thought possible. 

Look for Interaction

There is beauty in solitary wildlife, but there's fun in mixtures. If a single animal on the prairie is interesting, how much more so may an entire herd be? Looking for multiple animals also gives you more chances to find that perfect shot. Nature doesn't exist in a vacuum, so try not to let your pictures exist in one either. 

Following these few, easy tips on your next wildlife photography vacation will surely lead to more eye-catching, impressive pictures when you come back. And they may just inspire you to head out for more as soon as possible.  

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