Going On A Surfing Vacation? What To Bring With You

If you are heading down to a surf resort el Salvador to hit the beach, you want to make sure that you pack the right items to maximum the fun and enjoyment that you have on your trip. In order to have fun, you need to have all of the right essentials with you.


When you go on a surf-orientated vacation, you are probably going to have a lot more fun if you pack and bring your own surfboard. If you are staying at a surf resort, they should have surfboards that you can rent.

However, you can also bring your surfboard with you on the plane. You will have to check your surfboard. To protect your surfboard, you are going to want to invest in a special travel bag. Make sure that your board has a thick layer of foam in order to protect your surfboards from bumps on its journey.


It is generally more affordable and easier to pack your own wax to bring with you on your vacation. That way, you don't have to worry about finding and buying wax when you arrive; you can just use the wax that you bring with you.

Also, bring a wax comb with you because you are going to want to remove the wax from your board before you pack it up and put it back on the plane with you.


You will also want to pack a couple of different types of fins. You are going on vacation to waters that you have not surfed before, and you may want to change out the fin on your surfboard for a more customized experience that fits with the local waters.

Plus, bringing a few extra fins with you ensures that you have a fin for your board should one of your other fins get damaged on your vacation.

Extra Leashes

Both leashes and leashes ties are notorious snapping and braking. Pack at least a few different leashes with you for your trip. You may also want to invest in a nice, strong new leash for your trip as well. That way, you will never have to worry about losing your board.


Remember to throw your wetsuit or rash guard in with your other clothing. You are going to want keep your body covered up to prevent sunburns and to ensure that you stay warm. If you are unfamiliar with the water temperatures in the area, bring a wet suit and a rash guard.


Finally, always pack some sunscreen! The ingredients used in sunscreen, and the SPF protection levels, can vary to one country to the next. Pack some sunscreen that you know works well with your skin, and bring it on vacation with you. You don't want your surfing vacation ruined by a bad sunburn!  

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