3 Tips For Visiting Maui

Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian islands. Like all of the islands, it is known for its beaches and warm climate. It's also a beautiful place to hike and explore lava flows. While any vacation in Maui is sure to be memorable, if you're bothering to visit, you certainly want to get the most out of your vacation. Here are three tips to keep in mind when visiting Maui.

Stay at a resort.

As in many travel destinations, you have your choice of accommodations. You could stay in a standard hotel, a rental apartment, or a campground. Your best bet on Maui, however, is to stay at a resort, such as the Honua Kai vacation condos. The resorts tend to have the best beachfront locations, so you won't have to travel far to reach the beach from your room. Most resorts even have their own private beach areas, so you don't have to fight the crowds that can form at larger, public beaches. Plus, at a resort, you will have food and other amenities available on-site, so you won't be rushing to find a place to eat before you head off on your adventures for the day.

Bring active clothing.

Most people who visit Maui pack more than enough beach attire. What they don't always remember is activewear -- such as sneakers and shorts to wear out hiking and walking. Much of Maui's beauty is best enjoyed from remote trails and hikes. The Iao Needle in Iao Valley State Park and the Old Lava Fields off of Makena Road are some examples. These hikes will be more enjoyable (and safer) if you have the right attire.

Take public transit.

Taking taxis around the island can be quite expensive, and taxis are not that easy to find, either. The best way to save time and money on transportation on Maui is just to take public transit. The system is far better than in most American cities. There are 13 bus routes, and they stretch across the island, rather than just being concentrated in the city. If you do need to get somewhere the bus system doesn't reach, you can just take the bus to the nearest stop and then take a short taxi ride to your final destination. 

By staying at a resort, planning for hikes, and taking public transit, you can make your visit to Maui so much more enjoyable. 

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