What Makes An Apartment Pet-Friendly?

If you're the proud of owner of a fur baby (or several) and you're in the market for a new apartment, you may have heard the terms "pet friendly" and "pets allowed." Many prospective renters are under the impression that those two terms are interchangeable, but there's a big difference between an apartment that simply allows pets and an apartment that caters to your pets.

An apartment that simply says "pets allowed" means that you are legally able to own a pet inside your apartment. Most likely, you'll have to pay a small deposit and use designated areas for taking them on walks, going potty, and other pet activities.

An apartment that is "pet friendly" goes above and beyond. They provide certain amenities for the pets, such as a dog park, bathing stations, or even pet daycare. Instead of simply saying you are able to have pets on the premises, a " pet friendly" luxury apartment community actively caters to pet owners. They've designed their community with you in mind.

Stricter Requirements

Apartments that are truly pet friendly will have more stringent regulations for their pet owners than regular apartments. Since they usually have more amenities, they want to make sure their renters will want to take advantage of them and treat them appropriately.

Some pet-friendly apartment rentals will have restrictions on breed or size, while others may take it on a case-by-case basis. Most luxury apartment communities that are pet friendly will have pet-related questions during the application process, such as asking about known behavioral issues or if your pet has caused property damage at other locations. These questions aren't mean to pry, but they are designed to ensure a better experience for everyone. If you're concerned in any way, bring your pet to the interview so they can meet your fur baby in person!

More Amenities

As was stated above, certain things like washing stations and free poop bags are usually standard in pet-friendly apartment rentals. Many also have more green space and are located near a neighborhood, allowing the renter easier access to the places where they can enjoy their pet. For cats, you may also notice that the apartments have more shelving or windows to enjoy. It's the little details that separate everyday from true luxury.

Stronger Community

There's nobody quite like pet owners. They're loyal, thoughtful, and considerate of others. As a member of a pet-friendly, luxury apartment community, you'll have access to those people every day. You can organize playdates, arrange for pet sitting, and form friendships with other owners and their pets! It is truly an experience like no other.

Look for pet-friendly apartment rentals in your area to learn more.

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