How to Book a Hotel Suite to Ensure You See the Ocean

You may be planning a trip to a sunny destination, perhaps a tropical island with several beaches. You may want to book a hotel suite in which you have a perfect view of the ocean right from your balcony or living room window. While it is possible to get ocean views in many hotels, it will depend on how the room is listed on the hotel's travel website to ensure you actually get a full-on ocean view experience.

Here is how to book oceanfront hotel suites to ensure you actually see the ocean from your room.

Check Listings for Oceanfront Rooms

When you search for hotel listings, you will find those that have at least a hint of a view of the ocean will be labeled as such. For example, you will see both oceanview and oceanfront listings on many travel sites as well as the hotel's own website. There is a difference between the two and you need to understand the difference to make sure you book the right one.

Oceanview means you have at least a small view of the ocean from somewhere in the room. This could be a slight view from the bedroom window or a partial view from the balcony. 

Oceanfront means the room actually faces the ocean itself. You will have a full view of the water and any beach the hotel has. If you want a full view of the ocean with no obstructions, then make sure you look for oceanfront hotel suites and book that one.

If you aren't completely sure, or the hotel or travel site only lists oceanview for both types of rooms, then check out the room price — oceanfront rooms tend to be slightly more expensive.

Ask the Hotel Directly

You may have narrowed down your search for hotels that are located on the waterfront to one and now you need to book your room. To make sure you book one of the oceanfront hotel suites, call them directly and ask for a room that has a great view of the ocean.

The hotel concierge will be able to book you into a suite that has a full view of the ocean. If there is more than one room available, talk to the concierge about which room might work the best for you. It's also possible to get a good deal on rooms when you book with the hotel directly by calling them.

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