Staying At A Pet-Friendly Hotel With Your Cat

If you have a cat, traveling becomes a bit more challenging. You have to find someone to take care of your kitty while you're away, and sometimes, that's not easy. Pet-friendly hotels are becoming more popular, and they are making things easier for pet owners. While most people who stay at these hotels tend to do so with their dogs, most pet-friendly hotels welcome cats, too. There are just a few tips you'll want to follow when staying in one of these places with your kitty.

Tell the hotel you have a cat, specifically.

Because it's more common for people to stay with dogs, hotel employees may just assume you have a dog when you book a pet-friendly room. So, be sure to specifically mention you have a cat. They may have specific rooms they give to cat people, away from the rooms where they let dogs stay. This way, your cat will be less bothered by dogs being around. 

Bring a spacious carrier.

Sometimes, cats are hesitant to come out in new and unfamiliar spaces. Your cat may get to the hotel and not want to leave their carrier even after you open the door. Prepare for this possibility by bringing them in a more spacious carrier, if possible. This way, they'll have more room to move around if they aren't up for exploring the hotel room.

Bring your own litter box.

Some pet-friendly hotels provide litter boxes to guests with cats, but some cats are really picky about where they do their business. If you pack up your litter box from home, you'll be more assured that your cat will use it willingly. 

Put a collar on your cat.

Even if you are as careful as can be, there is a chance your cat could sneak out of the room when you're opening the door. If this does happen and they get loose, it's important they have a collar on. Make sure the collar also has a tag with your identifying information and phone number. Give the hotel a description of your cat and the color of their collar so that if they do get loose, employees and other guests will know what to look for.

Staying at a pet-friendly hotel is a great alternative to leaving your cat at home while you travel. These hotels are set up for your animal's comfort and safety. Just make sure you follow the tips above for safety and success.

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